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The Morning Mouth's February Interview with Karson & Kennedy
(Reprinted by permission; Copyright © 2009 Talentmasters Inc.)

In 50 words or less.... okay, maybe a few more, the history of Karson & Kennedy?

Karson: I first met Kennedy at a regional theater in Fayetteville, North Carolina as I was working my first gig (afternoon drive at WQSM) and Kennedy worked fulltime at a staffing agency. Kennedy stood out on stage with a great voice and personality so I asked her if she had ever thought about a career in radio.

Kennedy: He thought I was "interesting" (read - wanted to date me). He soon realized the mistake in that and figured I'd be better in radio. He harassed me and his boss until they gave me a shot. I ended up board op-ing for the first year or so and he ended up getting fired for not covering a popped up asking if I'd like to do mornings with him. Within 2 weeks I was moving from Tucson to Tallahassee, FL. The things I've done for that man...

Karson: April 12, 2009 we 'll celebrate four years here in Memphis and I think we learned early on that Kennedy and I compliment each other very well.

Kennedy: Yeah, he's my bitch.

You've told me your studio could use some updating. What's your most antiquated piece of equipment?

Karson: Kennedy.

WHBQ has quite a past. George Klein, Rick Dees. Is any of their memorabilia still visible?

Karson: We have a loft with shag carpet and the story is that Elvis would hang out up there. We should get "Dateline" to scan the room with ultra violet lights.

Kennedy: I had the Disco Duck album when I was a kid.

Something you know about Elvis that's never been told?

Kennedy: He used to love riding the Zippin Pippin roller coaster here at (the now defunct Libertyland after the park closed. One of my dear friends got to meet him 5 days before he died. He was sitting in the roller coaster car and told her she had a beautiful voice. She still sings in town to this day.

Strangest thing that ever happened in your studio?

Karson: Our interview with Michael Winslow (from the Police Academy movies) was a bit strange. He interviewed himself.

Kennedy: They let us in it.

Karson, you're also PD. Does Kennedy treat you differently after 10am?

Karson: During the show, Kennedy is in charge, I think. After the show, Kennedy let's me think I'm in charge. It's two completely different relationships.

Kennedy: Yes, I stop being his partner and start the general loathing one has for their boss man.

Kennedy, your background includes comedy. Can you teach someone to be funny?

Kennedy: Wow, I've been trying to teach Karson for years. I'd like to think I've taught him how to be a partner. He had to do it alone or with difficult co-hosts for a very long time. It was hard at first to find a way that we could both be a part of a "brand" that is Karson & Kennedy.

What has Karson taught you?

Kennedy: Pretty much everything I know about radio and Justin Timberlake.

groupies in your black book, or who call you on the hotline?

Kennedy: Hell no, that man is whipped. And I couldn't be happier for him.

Kennedy, in your mind, do you ever think you could program better than Karson?

Kennedy: No way.

Karson: I don t think she would program enough Justin Timberlake records.

Karson, have you ever taken toilet paper home from the station?

Karson: There are only two types of DJ s that have stolen toilet paper at some point in their career. Men & Women.

Back to the show: Most revealing answer a celebrity ever gave you?

Karson: I asked Jon Voight how much money he keeps in his everyday checking account and he said $42.00. Too bad he'll never amount to anything in life.

Kennedy: Aubrey from Danity Kane told us she just broke up with her boyfriend because she found out he was doing foot porn or something equally ridiculous.

Kennedy: Karson hanging up on Chris Brown because he said he was a better dancer than Justin Timberlake.

Dream session you'd like to see at MSBC XX?

Karson: Soup to nuts as my mom would say. How does a show conduct it s morning show meeting.

Morning show you'd most like to spend a day with (other than yours)?

Karson: MJ (Tampa) has always been entertaining to me as well as Phil Hendrie.

Favorite radio story?

Karson: Bill West was my PD at WZYP in Huntsville and he asked me to put together a 4th of July Montage for the local fireworks that would be played at the event. After two weeks of editing he was finally pleased with the twenty minute mix but he said it was missing something. Could you put some fireworks sound effects in the mix he asked. I replied, you want fireworks sound effects in the mix that s going to play at the fireworks? Never mind he said and turned back around to his computer with a smirk.

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