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C3051205.MP3 [ 22k ] [ 02-20-19 ]

Sofia Vergara saying, "We just succeeded in the exact opposite of what we intended to do."

C3060921.MP3 [ 39k ] [ 02-20-19 ]

Jed from "The Beverly Hillbillies," "I think all three of ya has popped your stoppers."

C5060825.MP3 [ 33k ] [ 02-20-19 ]

From "Unhappily Ever After," "Who's that boring news twit?"

C6060908.MP3 [ 60k ] [ 02-20-19 ]

George from "The Jetsons," "Yeah look, let's forget the whole thing. I never want to hear about it again."

C1060921.MP3 [ 37k ] [ 02-20-19 ]

Chevy Chase in "Fletch," "On top of everything else I think I'm getting my period."

C3060907.MP3 [ 62k ] [ 02-20-19 ]

Q from "Star Trek: TNG," "This game shall in fact be, completely unfair."

C1060906.MP3 [ 23k ] [ 02-20-19 ]

George from "The Jetsons," "Well, here goes."

C1060724.MP3 [ 100k ] [ 02-20-19 ]

From "So I Married an Axe Murderer," "(drum roll) Folks, get your attention for a moment, If I may folks, I'd like to make a couple of special announcements here."

C2060809.MP3 [ 26k ] [ 02-20-19 ]

From "American Dad," "This has gone too far!"

C3050414.MP3 [ 23k ] [ 02-19-19 ]

Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz," "How can you talk if you haven't got a brain?"

C2050412.MP3 [ 7k ] [ 02-19-19 ]

From classic "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots commercial, "Lots of exciting action and fun for everyone!"

C3050412.MP3 [ 4k ] [ 02-19-19 ]

From classic "Scope" mouthwash commercial, "Once in the morning does it."

C3060627.MP3 [ 21k ] [ 02-19-19 ]

From "Fresh Prince," "That was heavy man."

C2060613.MP3 [ 46k ] [ 02-19-19 ]

From "Family Guy," "Wow, I am so uncomfortable right now."

C3040721.MP3 [ 58k ] [ 02-19-19 ]

George from "Seinfeld," "It's grown up stuff... a little too complicated to explain."

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Cumulus Media/Bloomington: WBWN-FM, WBNQ-FM and WJBC-AM/Bloomington, IL, completed its 11th Annual Country Cares for St. Jude Radiothon on Thursday, February 14th and Friday, February 15th. This year's event raised $103,480 for the kids of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Back Row L-R: Lyndall Campbell, Susan Saunders, Ian Hunter, OM/PD Dan Westhoff, Dana Bell, Andrew Wegrzynski. Middle Row L-R: Faith Rinker, Kenzie Anderson, Sue Goodwin, ALSAC's Jill Libert, VP/Market Manager Paula Williams, Ruth Nichols. Front Row L-R: Cody West and Buck Stevens.